Best Types of Laser Engraver for Pens in 2023

A comprehensive guide with features of each type and safety tips.
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It is possible to transform your pen into anything you choose with a laser engraver, a remarkable instrument. Because of a lack of skills or time restrictions, it’s ideal for someone who has a creative concept but doesn’t know how to put it into action.

This program removes such restrictions and provides users with unlimited options, as long as their minds are still functioning properly at this point in their lives. Being able to customize your laser engraver for pens may be beneficial, whether you’re a student or an artist.

With one of these convenient gadgets, you may personalize your writing tools to meet your specific requirements. The best aspect is that they are not prohibitively costly, making them accessible to anybody. Examine the alternatives accessible to you and choose which one is the most appropriate for you. You will not be disappointed!

What is a laser engraver for pens, and why would you want one?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What exactly is a laser engraver for pens, and why would you need one?” I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you! A laser cutter can do miracles on virtually any sort of material. Because of this, no matter where your products travel, everyone will be able to tell who manufactured them.

It’s also ideal if your company needs personalized items with their brand or name. Laser engraving is a fantastic method to customize and distinguish your pens from the crowd.

The laser cutter can cut whatever pattern you desire into the end of each pen.

Why should someone choose pen engraving as a method of expression?

When it comes to personal things like pens, engraving is the most effective method of promoting your company’s image worldwide. Companies, industries, and even religions use engraved pens and stationery to communicate their brand identity to the public.

Almost any type of brand information may be carved onto a pen with engraving, allowing it to be personalized. Your message can easily go around the world since pens move with the individuals who use them, and it will not even cost you anything.

CO2 Laser Marking Machines:

CO2 Laser Marking Machines

CO2 laser engraving equipment is well-known for its ability to engrave nonmetallic components. Because most pens are composed of plastic, CO2 laser engraving can perfectly engrave all of your trademarks, marketing materials, and anything else you want on the delicate and tiny pen bodies that you use.

These engraving machines run on CO2 gas and are driven by electricity, which allows them to operate efficiently. Ceramic, leather, wood, fabric, jade, bamboo, acrylic, latex, paper, and glassware are just a few of the materials that these machines can deal with. You may name it, and this technology will take care of it for you.

CO2 engravers, unlike dot peeners, do not imply any force, and as a result, they do not necessitate the use of any support. They are considerably more fragile than other engraving machines, and as a result, they must be handled with extreme caution.

Mophorn CO2 Laser Engraver:

Mophorn CO2 Laser Engraver

There is a good chance you have encountered this brand before since they have a stellar reputation for producing excellent laser engravers with incredible cut speed capabilities! This enables you to cut through various materials while maintaining fine details.

Machines and equipment, in general, are difficult to operate and maintain. Laser engravers, on the other hand, are far more sophisticated.

As the name implies, a laser operates in conjunction with a gas that serves as an amplifier and helps to keep things cool even while under pressure. This particular engraving machine has a co2 laser, which ensures that you can operate safely without worrying about the cutter being too hot.

Laser cutters are typically equipped with a USB port, which enables the printing of three-dimensional objects. This is one of the primary reasons why laser cutters are sometimes referred to as 3D printers in some circles. On the other hand, laser cutters require special software to function properly.

This Mophorn 3D Laser comes with CorelDraw, which allows you to enter your ideas and avoid getting distracted.

Interested in using this instrument for both cutting and carving tasks? Read on. Use the NewlyDraw and NewlySeal apps to complete the task! Although you may not utilize the laser cutter and engraver simultaneously, you will be able to switch between the two simply.

Using the laser cutter to its full potential allows you to save both time and money in the process. This tool also boasts an excellent cutting speed, another characteristic that I was quite taken with when I first saw it.

These cutting machines have a top speed of 1.38 inches per second, allowing you to pierce metal and softer materials effortlessly.

Benefits of Co2 Laser Engravers:

  • The placement accuracy is extremely high when the CO2 laser engraving equipment is used. The programming is always excellent, and you always receive the appropriate information at the appropriate time.
  • It gives you the ability to program it in whatever way you desire. Furthermore, the safety features of CO2 machines may be programmed, allowing you to tailor the machine’s operation to your specific needs and circumstances.
  • The quality of the laser beam produced by this equipment is outstanding.
  • As a result of their excellent products, these machines are the most widely used in the industry.

Drawbacks of Co2 Laser Engravers:

  • CO2 laser engravers cannot operate with metallic materials, which appears to be the sole significant disadvantage of using these devices.
  • If you use a glass gas laser tube, the working life of a CO2 gas laser tube is only about 2000 hours if you use a CO2 gas laser tube.
  • In the event of a software failure, the computer may become overheated.

Fiber Laser Engraving Machines for Pen:

Fiber Laser Engraving Machines for Pen

Pen fiber Laser marking technology can label the metal components with a metal framework. Pencil fiber Laser marking devices can efficiently brand metal parts of your pens, notably the clips. Laser marking devices are excellent for branding clips, often made of metal.

Most companies choose to have their logo engraved on that portion of the shirt since it is visible every time you place your pen in your coat pocket. You may brag about your brand identification while keeping your pen within your pocket and your emblem on the metal clip outside of your pocket at the same time.

Given the fact that fiber lasers are particularly adept at conducting engraving operations on complicated designs, they are the Laser of choice for any pen maker who produces metallic pen bodies. However, if the pen has a plastic body, which is the majority of the time the case, you will need to hunt for polymers compatible with a fiber laser.

It is compatible with polypropylene PVC plastics, polyethylene plastics, ABS plastics, and other materials. A fiber laser machine has a life of at least Fifty thousand laser hours, which is a significant increase over the service life of conventional engraving machines when taken into consideration.

Benefits of Fiber Laser Engraving Machine:

  • As a result of the efficient air cooling technology used in Fiber Laser equipment, they require less maintenance.
  • They can provide results with high accuracy.
  • Metallic materials are their area of expertise.
  • It may be utilized for industrial and commercial purposes, with little distinction.
  • Environment-friendly.

Drawbacks of Fiber Laser engraving machine:

  • Fiber laser equipment with pen auto-feeding devices will be pricey.
  • Because the color of the engraving is dependent on the color of the material to be engraved, you will be unable to choose the color of the engraving.

Pen Laser Engraving Machine Features:

Pen Laser Engraving Machine Features
  • When using a laser pen engraving machine, you can create permanent markings that will not fade or fade away even after wiping, scuffing, impacting, and wearing. The laser pen engraving device will only be eliminated by grinding or surface removal, so your pen emblems and logos will last forever without fading.
  • The procedure of engraving using a laser pen is non-contact. When in use, it does not cause any deformation to the material.
  • Label any metallic or nonmetallic material such as rubber pens or plastic pens with logos, serial numbers or bar codes, and other beautiful designs.
  • The laser pen marker with a conveyor belt can automatically count the number of marked pens.
  • Using a laser marker for a pen with a conveyor belt, labor, tool, and consumable costs may be reduced. It is a piece of completely green laser equipment that emits no pollution.

What are the benefits of using laser technology or pen engraving?

  • Because a computer controls laser engraving, you have the freedom to modify the design or wording of the engraving at any moment without incurring any additional costs in terms of time or money.
  • The machine may be readily linked with the manufacturing line, or a bespoke fixture can be created for small businesses to ensure flawless operation.
  • In contrast to the traditional printing procedure, the laser engraving method is a permanent process.
  • Engraving using a laser eliminates the need for consumables throughout the process, reducing manufacturing costs.
  • It does not pollute the environment because of a well-designed exhaust system, which is not feasible with the chemical etching technique.

For Laser Pen Engraving, what kind of machine is used?

However, even though the Fiber laser marking machine is the most widely accepted machine in the pen business, the type of technology to use must be considered since it depends on several criteria such as the material of a pen and the firm’s production.

Our experts will be delighted to assist you in determining which equipment would be the most advantageous for your organization.

How to choose the right laser engraver for your needs?

So, you’re interested in purchasing a laser engraver? It sounds like it would be an excellent pick for your company! Before making any selections, make certain that the item you choose will function properly with all of its features and capabilities.

You should check to see whether they cover what YOU require to prevent wasting time or money by purchasing anything that is less than ideal—believe me when I say that you do not want to have regrets later on since we have seen how difficult things can be following a significant letdown.

So take some extra measures now while still getting a great deal of joy from performing excellent work with high-quality materials in the future.

The Importance of Safety With Any Laser System:

When shopping for a laser system, one of the most critical elements to check for is whether or not the system comes with protective eyewear as standard. Wearing these beauties without even thinking about touching your eyes will give you the best chance to see what’s going on around you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to engrave pens?

Personalized gift pens may be customized with engraving, the most economical method. Engraving must be done into the pen’s surface finish to create a lasting design. The most significant advantage of engraving is its long-term durability.

Is laser engraving a profitable industry?

Yes! It is an enjoyable method to earn some additional money or even establish your own business by using a laser engraver to create objects for sale. You might be amazed at the variety of items that consumers want Laser etched. There is a vast market out there for anything from trophies to gravestones that you can tap into.

What is it that a laser engraver can do?

Laser engraving is a procedure in which materials are vaporized into fumes to carve permanent, deep markings on a surface.


Now that you have a good understanding of the many types of engraving that can be done on pens and the equipment that can be used to accomplish this work, you can safely limit down the technology you will need for your business.

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