DeWalt Vs. Bosch Laser Level

Get to know which brand offers the most benefits for the least price.
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When deciding between a laser level made by Dewalt and one made by Bosch, there are a few crucial considerations to keep in mind. First, consider the tasks you’ll be working on using the laser level. 

If you plan to use it for infrequent jobs related to home renovation, then a less expensive model from either brand should be sufficient for your needs. If, on the other hand, you want to use the laser level for professional building projects, then you should choose a more expensive model that is more durable and can endure a greater amount of use and abuse.

Many laser levels are available for purchase, but Dewalt and Bosch are now two of the most well-known brands in this category. So, one of these options is preferable? In this piece, we will contrast the two different brands to determine which one is superior. 

This section will also examine some characteristics that distinguish one laser level from another. You’ll be able to make an informed decision on which product is best for you after reading this article.

Major Features of Dewalt Laser Level:

  • It features three powerful rays that are crimson in hue.
  • A diode 2 times brighter is utilized to improve vision in environments with strong lighting and other work locations regardless of the conditions.
  • Comes with built-in magnetic pivot bracket attachments, making it readily stackable to a metal body; this is also why it is included in the package.
  • A more precise performance. Almost a quarter of an inch
  • Utilizing a laser detector enables operation up to a distance of 165 feet.
  • It is possible to use the self-leveling feature.
  • Can adjust the level by approximately +/- 4 degrees.
  • Powered by a battery. There is no need to worry about charging the gadget.
  • To operate the DeWalt laser level, you will need four AA batteries. The battery has a lifespan of thirty hours.
  • Simple to use, with a control panel and functioning that requires one button accessible.
  • The Dewalt is a three-beam self-leveling laser level perfect for various applications, including squaring, plumb transfer, and interior and outdoor leveling. One of the most precise laser levels available on the market, it has an accuracy of +/- 0.3mm at 10 meters, making it one of the most accurate laser levels overall.
  • Additionally, the Dewalt has a working range of up to 30 meters, which makes it ideal for use on major construction projects. In addition, it comes with a magnetic pivoting base that can be attached to metal surfaces so that it may be used without the user having to use their hands.

Major Features of Bosch Laser Level:

  • Bright horizontal and vertical laser arrangement at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • When more light is needed in any setting, red bright led is the type used.
  • Three full plane coverages encompassing all 360 degrees
  • Tripod mounting options range from 14 to 20 inches and 5/8 to 11 inches.
  • Intelligent swing leveling system.
  • Identifies when the condition has been breached.
  • Freestanding base equipped with magnets that can be fastened to the metallic track.
  • For bright lighting, a class two laser diode operating at 630-670 nm is utilized.
  • When packaged for delivery, it weighs 7.8 pounds.
  • To operate the tool, you will need to have batteries.
  • The Bosch is a two-point self-leveling laser level ideal for many tasks, such as leveling the inside and outside of a building, transferring plumb, and square measuring. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.3mm at 10 meters, making it just as accurate as the Dewalt DW089K in measuring precision.
  • The Bosch can operate up to 50 meters, making it an excellent choice for bigger construction sites. In addition, it comes with a tripod attachment that lets you attach it to a tripod so that you may use it without having to hold it.

DeWalt Vs. Bosch Laser Level: Feature Comparison

Laser Projection:

DeWalt Laser Level:

Because the DEWALT system can only fire lasers in a single direction, it is only possible to obtain a vertical, horizontal, and cross-sectional reading on a single wall at a time. 

Because of this, whenever you need to operate on surfaces near one another, you will need to manually reposition the laser, increasing the likelihood of losing your original level. 

The device may spin up to 180 degrees when connected to the wall or other metallic surfaces; nevertheless, it does not provide complete coverage.

Bosch Laser Level:

This Bosch model, like its DEWALT counterpart, does not simultaneously fire lasers in all directions. When manually adjusting the location of the laser guide from a single upright point, there is a small chance of losing the original level. This is because the clever pendulum system mitigates this danger in conjunction with the reliable mount that rotates around 360 degrees.


The perfect laser would be able to project light beams onto all of the walls in a room, but this technology for projecting laser light onto a single surface works quite well. Nevertheless, we concluded that the system offered by Bosch is the superior option because of its intelligent pendulum mechanism, powerful magnets, and rotating mount. You can get comparable outcomes with the DEWALT, but doing so will involve more fiddling.

Maximum Distance:

When searching for a laser distance measurer, one essential consideration is the farthest distance at which the device can provide accurate readings. 

Both the Bosch and the DEWALT models outperform this benchmark by offering readings from a distance of up to 165 feet away, but most products will have reading capabilities of less than 100 feet. That is helpful, especially if you’re working on a huge space or building.


Bosch Laser Level:

Since they can detect distances of up to 165 feet, you need to determine how precise their readings are to determine how far apart you may place objects using them. If the measurement is going to be wrong by an inch, there is no purpose in measuring something 100 feet away from you. The accuracy of the Bosch is within an eighth of an inch.

Dewalt Laser Level:

The DEWALT has an accuracy of 1/17 of an inch, which is impressive. When you are close to an item, at a distance of fewer than fifty feet, the reading will be quite precise, but the more away you are from the object, the less precise the reading will be. We are relieved that the DEWALT has an accuracy that is more than twice as good as the Bosch.


There is no need for you to be concerned about accuracy if you are working on installing cabinets or other similarly sized things in your kitchen or other rooms because both the Bosch and the DEWALT have it under control. However, to create new buildings, you will want something more dependable. The latter is the superior choice between the Bosch and the DEWALT.


Bosch Laser Level:

Even while the display on a laser distance measurer is not likely to be as large as the one on a high-end smartphone, it should still be able to provide sufficient information on the distances you are measuring. The display on the Bosch is full color, and the numbers and units are shown in a big, easy-to-read font. The color display is the primary factor differentiating Bosch from other products.

Dewalt Laser Level:

Includes the DEWALT, which has a screen that only displays black and white. The DEWALT also has an easy-to-read digital display with big numbers and lettering. If you are purposefully trying to misunderstand any of the readings, there is a very low chance that you will do so.


Compared to the DEWALT, the display on the Bosch is considerably more to our liking merely because it is more legible and comes in color. However, because it is still “only” a laser distance measurer, you should not anticipate this gadget to display millions of colors. However, we feel it necessary to point out that the introduction of color was a welcome change among various displays that were previously limited to only two colors on many different models.

Storage Capacity:

Storage Capacity of Bosch:

The Bosch can store a maximum of thirty different measures in its internal memory. Unfortunately, you are limited to the amount of storage space you now have because there is no way to enlarge it. 

On the other hand, thirty different measures are probably going to be more than you will ever want for a single undertaking. You can also erase any previous measurements you no longer want, and recalculating distances is very straightforward.

Storage Capacity of Dewalt:

You might be astonished to learn that the DEWALT can only save five measures at a time, especially if you believed that 30 measurements were nothing special. We might argue that retaking measures with a laser distance measurer is simple to perform, but if you only have five different readings in your pocket at any one time, you’ll probably spend more time re-measuring distances than you will work on your project.


It’s hardly rocket science to figure out that 30 is greater than 10 and that having more options is always preferable. Even while we would want to be able to expand the memory capacity of both of these machines, given their current configurations, the 30-measuring storage option offered by Bosch is the superior choice. If you need assistance with your assignment, you may always record the distances in a journal or scrap paper.


Batteries of Bosch Laser Level:

These cordless laser distance measurers get their power from batteries rather than an electrical cable. Because they do come with rechargeable batteries, you will need to purchase AAA batteries from a retailer to keep these electronic gadgets operational. The Bosch requires three AAA batteries, and the package comes with a set of three of those batteries already included.

Batteries of Dewalt Laser Level:

Both the Bosch and the DEWALT take AAA batteries as their power source. However, the DEWALT need two of them. When the laser tape measurer is sent to your home, DEWALT will also provide two brand new AAA batteries for you to use to spend their power experimenting with the device.


Suppose you are going to obtain any of these models. In that case, we strongly advise you to get rechargeable AAA batteries so that you won’t have to bother yourself by heading down to the local convenience shop to pick up a case of new AAA batteries when your device shuts down. Instead, you can use the batteries you already have in your battery packs to power your device.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Bosch Laser Level:

Even though it might appear to be overkill, having Bluetooth technology that allows you to link the laser distance measurement device to your smartphone or tablet is convenient. 

You may ease your labor by mapping out the distances between items using the Bosch, which allows you to download various applications to assist you in doing so. You only need to take a photo of it using the camera on your phone and then use the app to check the measurements.

Dewalt Laser Level:

The DW089K from Dewalt is an excellent product that should be included in each tool kit. Because of its Bluetooth connectivity, it can be used with a broad variety of smartphones and tablets, making it a flexible tool that can be utilized by a wide range of users, including professionals and enthusiasts. 

If you are searching for a Bluetooth-enabled measuring instrument that is both dependable and simple to operate, the Dewalt DW089K is an excellent option.


Bluetooth technology is quite beneficial, particularly because it enables you to get a better overall image of your larger projects and verify the distances that separate two things by using the larger screen on your smartphone or tablet. This function is not often seen in laser tape measures, so Bosch opted to include it in the GLM50C is something we are quite grateful for.

Pros and Cons of Dewalt Laser Level:

When it comes to finding the perfect laser level for your needs, Dewalt is a brand worth considering. Dewalt laser levels are known for their quality and durability and offer various models. 

But like any product, there are pros and cons to using a Dewalt laser level. In this article, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of using a Dewalt laser level so you can make an informed decision about whether or not one is right for you.


Quality: Dewalt is a well-known brand trusted by professionals for its quality tools and equipment. When you purchase a Dewalt laser level, you can be confident that you’re getting the last product.

Variety: Dewalt offers various laser levels, so you’re sure to find one that meets your specific needs. Dewalt has you covered whether you need a basic level for simple tasks or a more advanced model for tougher jobs.

Durability: Dewalt laser levels are designed for heavy-duty use to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding job sites. If you need a level that will stand up to tough conditions, Dewalt is a great option.


Price: Dewalt laser levels are generally more expensive than other brands. If you’re working with a tight budget, you may want to look at other options.

Weight: Dewalt laser levels are usually heavier, making them difficult to transport from one job to the next. If you’re looking for a level that is easy to carry, you might want to consider another brand.

Overall, Dewalt laser levels offer a lot of great features and benefits. However, they also come with some downsides you should be aware of before making your purchase. Weigh the pros and cons carefully to decide if a Dewalt laser level is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Bosch Laser Level:

Bosch is a trusted name for tools and home improvement products, so it’s no surprise that their laser levels are some of the best on the market. But what are the pros and cons of Bosch laser levels? Let’s take a look.


Accurate: Bosch laser levels use cutting-edge technology to deliver highly accurate results. This means you can rely on them for critical measurements, whether hanging pictures or installing cabinets.

Durable: Bosch laser levels are built to last, with a high-quality construction that can withstand everyday use. You can count on them to hold up against bumps and drops, making them a great choice for busy households.

User-friendly: Even if you’ve never used a laser level before, Bosch’s user-friendly design makes it easy to get the hang of things. The clear display and simple controls make it straightforward to get accurate results every time.


Price: Because of their high quality and features, Bosch laser levels have a higher price tag than some other brands. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider another brand.

Batteries: Bosch laser levels require batteries to operate, so you’ll need to keep a few extras on hand. This can be inconvenient if you’re in the middle of a project and the batteries die.

Overall, Bosch laser levels offer many advantages for homeowners and DIYers. They’re accurate, durable, and user-friendly, making them a great choice for anyone needing a reliable laser level. However, their higher price tag may be a deterrent for some shoppers. But if you’re willing to pay a bit more for quality, Bosch is the way to go.

DeWalt DW089K Vs. Bosch GLL 2-80

DEWALT Line Laser DW089K
Bosch Gll 2 10
Product Title
Product Title
DEWALT Line Laser DW089K
Bosch Gll 2 10
Item Weight
Item Weight
‎1 pound
1 Pound
Line Laser
Line Laser
3 Line
2 Line
Battery Type
Battery Type
Model #
Model #
Gll 2 10


Compared to the Bosch GLL 2-80, the Dewalt DW089K has a more space-efficient design and less heavy than its competitor, making it simpler to move and keep organized. In addition, the DW089K features an integrated magnetic mount that enables it to be attached to metal surfaces, but the GLL 2-80 does not.

The DW089K laser level has an extra-wide leveling range of 4 degrees, but the GLL 2-80 laser level only has a leveling range of 3 degrees. Both laser levels can auto-level themselves. Because of this, the DW089K may be used on somewhat uneven surfaces, but the GLL 2-80 would not be able to draw a level line in the same situations.

Price Comparison:

Maintaining the product price at the lowest level is feasible to corner as much of the market share as possible is a standard practice in the business world. However, a competitive price must be offered to cover labor costs and the most recent technological advancements.

When everything is considered, we see that the Bosch GLL3-80 has a market price that is more than that of the DeWalt DW089K. The price, however, is prohibitively expensive for most regular people who want this item for use in their homes or on their little farms.

Therefore, anybody should get the laser level tool from DeWalt because it serves the same purpose as the other equipment and can be purchased for a price that is quite reasonable.

Runner Up: DeWALT DW088k Laser Level


Bosch laser levels cost more than comparable Dewalt versions, but they often come with more features and are built to a higher standard. When looking for a top-of-the-line laser level, most people turn to Bosch as their primary option.

Because Dewalt laser levels are often easier to use and more affordable than Bosch ones, they are an excellent alternative for consumers shopping on a limited budget. On the other hand, Dewalt levels can still get the job done and could be a better option for people who don’t require all of the bells and whistles that more expensive levels provide.

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