The Ultimate Review of Johnson 99 006K

Find out if the Johnson 99 006k laser level is the right tool for your job.
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Bottom Line:
The Johnson 99 006k calibrates its leveling by using a pendulum. The pendulum has self-leveling. If we consider the Johnson 99 028k has only electronic leveling.

Style4 AA batteries required. (Included)
Item Weight3.3 pounds
Special Features‎‎Self-Leveling
Power SourceHand Powered

While your house is old enough, you want to remodel the lawn and garden. You must choose the Johnson 99 006k. The Johnson 99 006k will help you make your fence or boundary wall level. While plantation at your residence’s exterior, the Johnson 99 006k is best for aligning the plants in line.

The Johnson 99 006k is the best and has accurate outcomes. It has been beneficial for constructors or renovation companies. The Johnson 99 006k can also be helpful in vertical and horizontal positions. Woodworkers mostly use it horizontally while making cupboards and cabinets. The vertical uses it to make drywall tracks and boundaries around your garden.

Please keep reading the blog to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Johnson 99 006k.

Specifications of Johnson 99 006K:

The laser beam of Johnson 99 006k has red color. The calculation says that the accuracy of Johnson 99 006k is +1/8″/50′. While buying any product using a laser beam, you must consider the IP rating. The IP rating for the Johnson 99 006k is IP54. An IP rating consists of two-digit numbers. The higher the number is, the more protection it has. While discussing IP54, the product can protect itself from dust and other solid particles. The IP54 rating also means that the product is waterproof. The Johnson 99 006k can work in drizzling.

It would be best to use something other than the Johnson 99 006k in the rain. The waterproof is only for a small amount, such as water showers and droplets. You can work with the Johnson 99 006k in a wet environment. The battery of Johnson 99 006k works very well. The Johnson 99 006k has an AA battery with it. Double A battery has a capacity of 2500 mAH. At the same time, compared with AA NiMH batteries, they can go up to 2000 mAH.

You will get a warranty of three years after buying the Johnson 99 006k. The wavelength of its laser beam is 635nm±10nm. The laser class of Johnson 99 006k is llla. The laser class llla is dangerous for the eyesight of humans. We will suggest you use safety glasses while operating the Johnson 99 006k.

If we compare the interior and exterior range of Johnson 99 006k, the outer range is up to 800 ft. in diameter. The internal range is up to 200 ft. in diameter. The exterior range is more remarkable because the Johnson 99 006k uses detectors.

The tripod thread is 5/8″-11. The Johnson 99 006k does not have a remote control but a detector.

The Johnson 99 006k is equipped with detectors, however, if you have another laser level that does not offer detection, you can explore our selection of affordable laser level detectors within a cost-effective price range.

Pros and Cons of Johnson 99 006K:

  • Convenient to set up.
  • It has alarms if you leave the leveling range. The warnings are audible and visual. 
  • The Johnson 99 006k has two options of vertical and horizontal range. 
  • The price is average. The price includes the whole kit. 
  • The Johnson 99 006k requires high maintenance. 
  • If we compare it with other models, the John 99 006k needs to be better built. 

The Mind-Blowing Features of Johnson 99 006K:

Features of Johnson 99 006K

In this part, we will discuss the unique features of the Johnson 99 006k that distinguish it from the other models.

If you are new in this field, don’t worry about using it. The John 99 006k is very simple to operate.

Check the unique feature given below.

  • Alarms: The alarm features help you to stay in their range. It has alarms that ring when you leave the leveling range. The warnings are audible and visual. If the laser moves, the tilt indicator will let the user know. Johnson 99 006k has an IP54 rating. The warranty covers three years after the buying date. 
  • Simple to Set up: Please read the manufacturer’s manual before setting it up. The manual has a graphical representation as well. It would not be hard to understand. Once you turn on the laser, it will adjust its X and Y axis automatically in a few minutes. 
  • Multiple Speeds: The Johnson 99 006k is unique in its feature of numerous speeds. You can adjust its speed to 200, 400, and 600 rates per minute. Although to increase the visibility of the laser beam, you need to adjust your John 99 006k at low speed. People use high-speed indoor, and due to sunlight, people use low-speed outdoor to increase the visibility of laser light. 
  • Durability: When working in an unstable environment, it would be best if you didn’t worry about the Johnson 99 006k. The Johnson 99 006k’s exterior is robust and long-lasting. Manufacturers increase the durability of Johnson 99 006k by using sturdy composite materials for its outer cover.
  • Secure Beacons: The calibration and beacons of the Johnson 99 006k are sensitive. The environment, including dust, can not harm these components. Due to environmental factors, these delicate beacons are enclosed and compact. Its calibration and performance can not be impacted by water and dust particles. The Johnson 99 006k is a wise investment due to its straightforward setup and safeguards for delicate components.
  • Maintenance Tips: After buying the Johnson 99 006k, read the manufacturer manual correctly. Never use unauthorized products to maintain the Johnson 99 006k rotatory laser tool. Give oil to rotatory parts once a week. 
  • Battery Life: The average battery life is twenty hours a day. The battery life is sufficient for a day. The AA batteries are not rechargeable. If you are performing heavy-duty tasks, you can buy an extra pack of AA batteries. Once the battery is dead, you can change the battery. The AA batteries are cheaper than the NiMH batteries. 

Technical Details about the Johnson 99 006K:

Johnson is the brand name of the rotatory self-leveling manufacturing company. The model number of the product is 99 006k Johnson. The Johnson 99 006k rotatory laser model holds number four in the rankings. According to the ratings and reviews left by Amazon customers, the product receives 4.5 out of a possible five stars. The rating is based on the opinions of 1,268 different users.

Metal is the material that the Johnson 99 006k rotatory tools are composed of. The Johnson 99 006k rotating laser systems have dimensions of 6.7 inches in length, 5 inches in breadth, and 6.6 inches in height. The Johnson 99 006k rotating laser measures are highly portable, making them an ideal choice for various settings.

The rotary laser tool model Johnson 99 006k weighs only 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds), making it a portable option. For the gadget to function, it will need four double A batteries. The Johnson self-leveling rotary laser’s self-leveling function is considered one of the device’s outstanding characteristics.

With your purchase, you will get a rod of thirteen feet in length, a tripod to fix your laser device on, and safety glasses to protect your eyes from the laser beam.

The other thing is that the Johnson 99 006k is not fully automatic. The Johnson 99 006k is hand powered device. 

Supporting Equipment for Johnson 99 006K:

Supporting Equipment for Johnson 99 006K
  • When you buy the Johnson 99 006k, four AA batteries are included. 
  • The AA batteries are not rechargeable.
  • The alkaline battery must be bought separately. On the other hand, a battery compartment will be accessible.
  • You will receive the 13′ grade rod for measurement. The 13′ grade rod will be helpful for elevation readings.
  • To assist you in adjusting the laser light, you will be given a magnetic target.
  • You will be given tinted glasses to protect your eyes. Vision damage can result from the laser beam.
  • You can consult the instruction manual if you have questions about the Johnson 99-006K. In contrast, thorough written and visual manual leveling instructions are available.
  • You will also receive a Johnson 99-006K carrying case. Using the bag, you can take Johnson 99-006K anywhere.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Johnson 99 006k: 


  • The Johnson 99-006K battery cycle is up to 20 hours. 
  • The Johnson 99-006K can perform everyday duty tasks efficiently.
  • The Johnson 99-006K rotatory laser light is powered by two batteries. 
  • The Johnson 99-006K has a built-in alert system with visual and thorough alarms. 
  • The Johnson 99-006K can adjust the rotation speed to enhance the visibility of the laser beam. 
  • The Johnson 99-006K uses a pendulum for self-leveling. 


  • The Johnson 99-006K has AA batteries, which are not rechargeable. 
  • The Johnson 99-006K can not perform heavy-duty jobs. It would be best if you had extra batteries to perform heavy-duty jobs.  


The Johnson 99 006k is pocket friendly and has a luxurious self-leveling feature. It is available on Amazon for 479 dollars and 16 cents. The Johnson 99 006k has a combination of performance and convenience. 

The Johnson 99 006k rotatory laser device is famous among workers in the construction industry. You efficiently fulfill your outdoor and indoor projects with the Johnson 99 006k. It has a leveling system vertically and horizontally. Adjusting the RPM will increase the beam visibility.

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