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This collection includes both free and paid fonts, so pick the one that best suits your needs.
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Are you searching for the ideal font for laser cutting to create your wedding invitations? You shouldn’t settle for less than the finest on the day you’ve been looking forward to the most! It might be challenging to decide which typefaces to use for laser cutting.

Some typefaces may be difficult to use, and others may not be appropriate with a laser cutter. As a result, I have come to your aid by providing you with the most effective and user-friendly typefaces for laser cutting.

Using these 15 Best Fonts for Laser Cutting, you may not only design wedding invitations but also thank you cards, quotations, birthday cards, postcards, and more! The several candidates for the title of “best typeface for laser cutting” that may be found are presented in this article.

What is the Function of Fonts?

Another way, computer fonts are just files stored on your device and are referred to whenever you input or read text on your computer. 

These files define the specific styles that are utilized for the presentation. However, numerous font designs can be downloaded from the internet for free or for a fee. Most computers come with a selection of preloaded fonts already on their systems.

Suppose you share a file with another person that includes a font not installed on their device. In that case, the file’s formatting will not seem as you meant it to when viewed on their device, even though the huge range of fonts available allows for intriguing variances in style.

Different Styles of Fonts:

The following is a list of the most popular categories of typefaces.

Serif Fonts:

Appearance-wise, it’s like having a few lines tacked on to the end of each letter.

Typically utilized for printed text, the spacing between lines provides flow for the reading experience.

Example Font: Times New Roman.

Sans Serif Fonts:

There aren’t any extra lines added to the end of the letters.

Typically utilized for text displayed on displays since its uncluttered contours facilitate easier reading.

Example Font: Arial.

Script Fonts:

Calligraphy or handwriting is what it seems to be.

Typically utilized for: Decorative printed objects, with frequently ornate and aesthetically pleasing styles.

Example Font: Brush Script.

Display Fonts:

It appears to be: typefaces with a high impact.

Signage is the typical application of this term.

Example Font: Stencil.

Here Are Ten Script Fonts That Are Excellent for Cutting:

1. Aurella Font:

Aurella Font

Aurella would be my first choice. A script font does not get much better than this one in terms of its features. It is timeless, the lines are strong enough to cut well, and there are many different style variations. Because this font is PUA encoded, you will have easy access to all of the lovely extras that you may use to personalize your design.

2. Happy Birthday, Cake Topper:

Happy Birthday

This lovely typeface was developed by CncHappyPlace, a company situated in Ukraine whose products may be found on Etsy. Any of your projects might benefit from the addition of this sophisticated design that is suitable for laser cutting.

It was initially written by hand, and then it was artfully digitized using vector software to make it lovely looking and digitally proportionate. This is a beautiful script font that has swashes for ornamental purposes. In addition to that, it boasts a sleek and contemporary design.

This typeface works well for both young people and older people. In addition, it works wonderfully for birthday parties, baby showers, cakes for marriages, and bridal showers. In addition to that, there are sixteen additional styles at your disposal, every one of which may be used to create an infinite number of one-of-a-kind patterns.

3. Broadway Font:

Broadway Font

This is a contemporary take on an older script. The collection includes both worn variants of the typeface, which are wonderful for use in print design, and clean versions of the font, which are ideal for cutting. 

Furthermore, this package includes a serif font that works wonderfully when used with your script for a straightforward font combination. I particularly adore how the script font’s bold lines can be used for cutting, and its classic lines allow it to be used for either masculine or feminine projects.

4. Brave Eighty-One:

Brave Eighty-One

This forward-looking typeface was created by Alit Design. An excellent job in terms of design was done by a graphic designer working alone. When he was designing this typeface, space and abstract ideas of the future served as his inspirations.

It is appropriate to use Brave Eighty One for designs revolving around speed. This design is timeless; it doesn’t matter what year it is in the future; this design will never seem dated, and it won’t be associated with any particular current age.

In addition to the whole set of characters from A to Z, this design also gives the full set of numeric characters and punctuation marks. In addition to that incredible feature, this layout supports several languages.

Additionally, there is a selection of other styles available. Only OpenType standards are included in the offering; however, they are offered in 14 distinct kinds.

5. Just Hello Font:

Just Hello Font

This typeface is just flawless in every way! Suppose you have a soft spot for little tidbits. In that case, you will adore the stylistic extras, which include various kinds of hearts included in the text, including above, beneath, to the edges, and even in between the lines. It adds a unique and special touch to the tasks you are working on.

6. Willow, Typeface Bold Serif:

Willow, Typeface Bold Serif

Hanzel and Simetris studio is responsible for creating our next incredible typeface. The Willow Typeface Bold Serif is a great typeface for crafting instantly recognizable typography.

In addition, it is a script font, which means that you can use it to create huge headings and titles for your billboards, site headers, flyers, social media post layouts, company logos, and trademarks. In addition, all of the letters, including capitals, lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation, are included.

Willow also has support for OTF and web fonts built right in. This style is both sophisticated and up-to-date in its appearance. In addition to this, although it is a straightforward script, it possesses sufficient strength to be utilized in branding endeavors. 

This typeface will always look fantastic, no matter the setting. Thanks to its expert design, this typeface was carefully crafted to become one of your favorites.

7. Girl Boss:

Girl Boss

This font combination is the ideal choice for cutting since it features a hand-brushed appearance. It is strong, and in contrast to several brush fonts, it has a highly smoothed appearance, which makes it extremely simple to cut. 

Additionally, the purchase of the typeface comes with a bolded version of the font, which provides you with a really good line and makes it much simpler to cut, weed, and apply.

8. Callista:


This exquisite typeface was created by Karandash, a type and graphic foundry with headquarters in Varna, Bulgaria. Callista originates from the Greek language and means “most lovely.” This would be a big cursive font if you were wondering.

This typeface was conceptualized after being influenced by the early 1970s body of work produced by Francois Bolton. This gorgeous display typeface pays tasteful respect to traditional calligraphy in a sophisticated way. In addition to that, its design is classy and just transitory.

This simple script font has been updated to a more contemporary look, which is sure to capture the attention of anybody who sees it. In addition, this typeface works wonderfully to produce brief headlines and logotypes. Callista offers full support for Latin and Cyrillic.

9. MaserBlush:


These bounce-lettered fonts are incredibly fashionable and popular, but they are also exceedingly thin, making it difficult to cut them. I particularly enjoy Masterblush because, despite its thickness, it still has the delicate appearance that you want in a blush, and it works extremely well for cutting. 

This font comes with alternates and swashes in a separate font file, which is another feature that contributes to its overall high quality and makes it a very desirable option. Because of this, each of the lovely swashes may be accessed quickly and easily on any computer.

10. Adenium Flower Font:

Adenium Flower Font

Graphic Fresh created this beautiful Adenium Flower Font. The frangipani flower serves as a source of inspiration for it. The blossoms of the frangipani tree are known in Latin as “adenium.” The Adenium Flower Font was created when a picture of a lovely flower was superimposed on a clear serif font.

When you apply this font to your design, you will feel fantastic in the final product. In addition, this typeface is perfect for use in branding and logos for businesses of all kinds, including restaurants, weddings held in the forest, hotels, resort towns, and many more.

Each letter in this typeface comes in two different variations; however, this font does not include numerical characters or symbols. Last but not least, the only two forms that are enjoyable to you are lowercase and uppercase.

11. Mattoa:


This typeface is great for creating a huge, bold script that may be used on sports uniforms or other projects that are influenced by sports. It comes with several various choices for swashes that may be placed underneath the phrase to provide you with the exact appearance you are going for. Having so many options available makes it simple to craft the ideal project.

12. Noel Stencil:

Noel Stencil

Noel Stencil Font was created by the foundry StudioR12, situated in the United States. The holiday writing style is known as Noel and functions as a stencil. It boasts elegant and well-balanced characters and a gorgeous and transient design. The characters are wonderful.

This typeface is versatile and may be used for various projects, including crafts, cake toppers (birthday templates), signage, wedding and wall décor, decorations, and do-it-yourself home decor. Put it to work on your most original concepts, and you’ll quickly see how it brings your thoughts to life.

Indeed, this is the most suitable typeface for use in magnificent endeavors. Additionally, support for the French language is included. T-shirts, signs, mugs, and a wide variety of other items may all be designed with the help of this typeface.

The use of this typeface will provide the appearance of your design being both more fashionable and more professional. In most cases, the entire gap will be visible after using a laser cutter to cut out the letter “O” as a standalone word, which is not an elegant appearance for any professional function.

Under these circumstances, stencil typefaces are the most appropriate choice. They contain minute intervals between the layout so that the letters won’t fall apart independently and seem more beautiful than they would otherwise.

13. Snuggle Font:

Snuggle Font

The typeface known as Snuggle is ideal for hand lettering! It provides a natural brushed appearance by having stronger lines on the downstrokes and thinner lines on the upstrokes. Additionally, it is smooth enough to cut smoothly and thick enough to provide adequate resistance.

14. Abang Typeface Font:

Abang Typeface Font

The typeface known as Abang Typeface was designed by haikal and released via Envato components. These gorgeous typeface fonts are the ideal typefaces for laser cutting because of their clean lines and sharp edges. This typeface exudes an air of unmatched sophistication and class.

In addition to that, this typeface is ideal for use in creating retro logos since it is both readable and quite adaptable. It is also possible to utilize it on extremely cluttered backgrounds. T-shirt designs, logos, and many other designs might benefit from using the Abang Typeface Font.

Your incredible selection of uppercase and lowercase letters may transform the final result into something sophisticated and wealthy. In addition to alphabets in uppercase, it also has numerals and symbols.

In addition to this, it features a variety of styles that may be combined to produce an infinite number of one-of-a-kind patterns. This font will look amazing in any setting, whether used as part of a crowded backdrop or as a stand-alone headline. It will look fantastic anyway.

15. Hello Dina:

Hello, Dina

Even though Hello Dina is just another script typeface, the good writing allows it to stand out as its distinct spot in the world. This typeface made it onto the list because of the singularity of the script and its widespread appeal. This typeface will look great on t-shirts to greeting cards for the holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the typeface that works best with laser engraving?

Arial Black. This goes for both cutting and engraving. Because of its uniform thickness, you will need to make fewer minute-by-minute adjustments to the finer details of the design.

What precisely is the Lucida font?

Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow are responsible for the creation of the Lucida Calligraphy typeface family. It is a chancery cursive script. This typeface was developed specifically for usage in print and digital settings, and it possesses excellent legibility and readability. Lucida Calligraphy was only available in a single weight when first introduced.

How can I identify the typeface that something is using?

The free WhatTheFont Phone application is the most elegant approach to determining the typeface of a document you find in the wild. Start the application, and then take a picture of the text anywhere it appears, whether on paper, signs, walls, a book, or anything else. The app will first prompt you to trim the photo to the text, and then you will be asked to identify each character.


The font is an important part of the laser cutting process. Different fonts have different depths, especially the same font on different materials. If you are using a too thin font, your cuts will not come out the way you want. We hope this blog post was helpful to you in finding a font for laser cutting.

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