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Bottom Line:
The Johnson 99 028k can provide its services indoors and outdoors with its visible laser beam. The accuracy of the Johnsons 99 029k is 1/8 in. @ 100 ft. The cycle time of an alkaline battery is up to 40 hours. The rotation speed can be either 200 or 500 revolutions per minute.

Color‎Dual Slope Toary Laser System
Measurement SystemImperial
StyleDual Slope Toary Laser System
Item Weight35.29 Pounds
Operation Mode‎Automatic
Size‎Dual Slope Toary Laser System
Power SourceHand Powered

You must alter the theme of your outdoor garden while remodeling your old house. The Johnson 99 028k will assist you with your project. When leveling your fence, lawn, and walls, the Johnson 99 028k will be helpful.

The Johnson 99 028k can handle every task you have. The Johnson 99 028k has both horizontal and vertical leveling capabilities. While switching it to drainage mode will provide the mathematical slope calculation. The Johnson 99 028k is ideal for builders and slope engineers.

Keep reading this review to learn more about Johnson 99 028k’s functionality, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Specifications of Johnson 99 028k:

Let’s discuss the leveling method of Johnson 99 028k. The Johnson 99 028k doesn’t use the pendulum method for leveling, whereas it uses the electronic mode. 

The color of its laser beam is red, and Johnson 99 028k laser wavelength is 635nm±10nm. The laser class is IIIa. The IIIa laser class is hazardous for the eyes. Use safety glasses while working with the laser. The maximum output of the laser light is less than or equal to 5 milliwatts. 

According to the calculation, the accuracy of Johnson 99 028k is +1/8″/100′. The difference between the exterior and interior range is a little. The outer range is up to 1,500 ft. in diameter with detectors, and the interior range is up to 200′. Another extraordinary technological advancement is that you can control the Johnson 99 028k by using the remote.

The minor miscalculation in range and the slope is ±5°. The working temperature of the Johnson 99 028k is from -10 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. There are three scanning mode

0°, 30°, 60° respectively. The speed adjustment has two options of speed, 200 and 500 rpm, respectively. 

Last but not least, the manufacturers are giving the warranty of Johnson 99 028k for three years.

The Mind-Blowing Features of Johnson 99 028K:

  • The Johnson 99 028k has an electronic leveling feature. The Johnson 99 028k can level itself horizontally and vertically on its own. Old models use a pendulum for leveling, but it takes a lot of time to level. 
  • The scan mode of Johnson 99 028k generates the laser line or the laser dot to enhance visibility. 
  • When the Johnson 99 028k is far off the leveling range, it will execute audible and visual alarms on the screen. The tilt indicator will alert the user if the laser moves. The IP rating for Johnson 99 028k is IP54. The Johnson 99 028k comes with a warranty of three years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Johnson 99 028K Rotary Laser:


  • The Johnson 99 028k has a solid outer case for its durability.
  • The life of a battery is outstanding. 
  • The Johnson 99 028k has a built-in notification system that beeps.
  • The Johnson 99 028k rotary laser has a fantastic design that we can adjust its rotation speed.
  • The electronic system in the Johnson 99 028k rotary laser allows for faster self-leveling.


  • The price of the Johnson 99 028k rotary laser level is high.
  • The Johnson 99 028k rotary laser requires routine maintenance to produce accurate results.

Self-Leveling of Johnson 99 028K:

Self-Leveling of Johnson 99 028K

The Johnson 99-028k configuration is straightforward. The Johnson 99-028k is distinct from the others. The Johnson 99-028k rotary laser is a plug-and-play device. You must calibrate it and begin using it.

The manufacturer will give you a guidebook when you buy the Johnson 99-028k rotary laser. The guidebook includes step-by-step guidelines for configuring the Johnson 99-028k rotary laser device. The book consists of a graphical representation for the user’s convenience.

The Johnson 99-028k rotary laser can level itself on the X and Y axes. Compared with other rotary laser models, you can set it up in minimum time. 

Thanks to the feature of self-leveling. Other rotary laser models don’t have the self-leveling quality.

  • Protection of the parts from the environment: The Johnson 99-028k’s calibration and beacons are sensitive. These components can be harmed by dust and other environmental factors. These sensitive beacons are enclosed and tightly packed due to environmental factors. Water and dust particles can have an impact on its calibration and performance.

The Johnson 99-028k is a good investment because of its simple setup and safety precautions for delicate elements.

  • Johnson 99 028k’s powerful laser, bright enough for both indoor and outdoor use: Many laser systems are perfect for indoor work, whereas none can give accurate outdoor results. Outdoor results may need to be corrected due to the weak laser light. 

The Johnson 99 028k is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. While working outside, you can see the bright beaming laser light.

It would be best if you didn’t worry about the Johnson 99 028k while working at an uneven place. The outer case of the Johnson 99 028k is sturdy and long-lasting. Johnson 99 028k’s outer cover is made of durable composite materials by manufacturers to increase its durability.

  • Various speed functions: After knowing the features of Johnson 99 028k, you will bang for the buck. The Johnson 99 028k laser-level machine has a lot of features. The most appealing one is that you can adjust the speed of the Johnson 99 028k rotary laser.

The speed adjustment has two options of speed, 200 and 500 rpm. Switch the rate according to your requirement. 

Many people use high-speed lasers and low-speed lasers while working outside.

Are you looking for the best outdoor laser level for your next project? We have reviewed the top specialized outdoor laser levels to help make your purchase decision easier. Click here to check them now.

Comparison between the Johnson 99-006K and the Model 99 028K:

Johnson 99-006K Vs. 99 028K
  • Accuracy: In terms of accuracy, the Johnson 99-028K outperforms the Johnson 99-006K. At 100 feet, the Johnson 99-028K has an accuracy of 1/8″. At 50 feet, the Johnson 99-006K has an accuracy of 1/8″.
  • Leveling range: Another essential point is the slope. Let’s consider the auto-leveling range as well. The 99-028K has a range of plus-minus 5 degrees, whereas the Johnson 99 028k has a range of plus-minus 3 degrees.
  • Battery life cycle: While using electronic machines, batteries are always the concern of users. Don’t worry about the batteries. It has long-lasting batteries. You may also recharge the battery on-site.

After buying Johnson 99 028k, you must purchase the rechargeable batteries. However, the product will have a battery compartment. The alkaline battery life is around 40 hours. The Nickel–metal hydride battery life is twenty-four hours. The battery requires a 6.4-volt charger.

Along with the Johnson 99 028k, a charger is offered. The above figures for battery life are estimated from the single charge.  

For alkaline batteries, the battery life of the Johnson 99-006K is 20 hours. NiMH batteries are not compatible with the Johnson 99-006K.

The following chart compares Johnson 99-006K to Model 99 028K:

Area99-006K99 028K
Dimensions 6.7 x 5 x 6.6 inches50 x 14.5 x 8.75 inches
Operation ModeAutomaticAutomatic
Item Weight3.3 Pounds35.3 pounds
Size1-(Pack)Dual Slope Toary Laser System
Power SourceHand PoweredHand Powered

Using a Rotary Laser Level:

Rotary Laser Level
  1. The rotary laser is best for flat surfaces. Initially, you have to set up the rotary laser on the tripod to obtain accurate results
  2. Place the rotary laser level on your desired surface. 
  3. Turn on the rotary laser and wait for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the rotary laser will adjust its level electronically. Typically leveling requires less than a minute. 
  4. If your device requires manual leveling, consult the guide manual and set the leveling. 
  5. The machine receiver will ring the beep sound as the receiver connects with the laser.
  6. Now you have to aim the rotary laser toward the surface to find the level.

Supporting Equipment with Johnson 99 028K:

  • You will receive NiMH batteries when you purchase the Johnson 99 028k. NiMH batteries are rechargeable.
  • You must purchase the alkaline battery separately. A battery compartment, on the other hand, will be available.
  • You will receive a 6.4-volt charger to recharge the batteries.
  • The remote can control the Johnson 99-028K, so both the remote and the battery for the remote are available. The remote’s battery will be 9 volts.
  • You will receive a tripod for your Johnson 99-028K rotary laser system.
  • The 13′ grade rod will be given to you for measurement. For readings of elevation, the 13′ grade rod will be helpful.
  • You will be given a magnetic target to help you adjust the laser light.
  • To protect your eyes, you will be given tinted glasses. The laser beam is hazardous to one’s vision.
  • The instruction manual will be available if you need to know anything about the Johnson 99-028K. On the other hand, there are comprehensive written and visual manual leveling instructions available.
  • You will also receive a Johnson 99-028K carrying case. The bag will allow you to transport Johnson 99-028K wherever you want.


After reading its features and specifications, you must feel the importance of the Johnson 99 028k since the old models are less accurate than the Johnson 99 028k. 

If you are from the construction or renovation field, you would have liked the features of Johnson 99 028k. Go ahead and purchase the Johnson 99 028k.

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